Starlancer – Day 4

I watch the latest news report before I start mission 4. These mission reports are all the same and the woman reading them is slightly irritating. Out of all the things in the game I could remember from playing it 10 years back, the thing that sticks in my mind is her introduction and sign off which is always exactly the same. Our squadron gets a mention this time but only in a supporting role.

Mission 4 involves escorting some radar ships to plug a gap in our defenses. I’m sorry to say that this mission crashes at exactly the same point every time, just after I clear the first nav point and am receiving a message. At this point I officially throw in the towel. I’d like to play Starlancer again but it isn’t worth this much hassle. As soon as I fix one problem, it just crashes somewhere else in the next mission. This has to be one of the least XP friendly games ever created and short of building a PC which will run Win98 I’m out of ideas. It’s a pity as I think I would have quite enjoyed this. To fill the space sim gap I’m going to try my first fan game and play Wing Commander : Unknown Enemy next.

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