System Shock 2 Review – PC Format

With the long overdue GOG re-release, I thought I should dig out a review of System Shock 2 today and the first one I found was from the December 1999 PC Format. It’s a decent overview of the game but not quite as full of praise as you might expect for a game that is regarded as such a classic these days. Half a dozen other games outscore it in the same magazine including the likes of Expert Pool which I doubt many of us will even remember.

The reviewer cites the games difficulty, which I don’t recall being too extreme myself but I would agree that it isn’t the most easily accessible. I must have had this one sat on my shelf for over 10 years before I got any distance into it and was missing out big time:-

PC Format - System Shock 2 Review (Page 1) PC Format - System Shock 2 Review (Page 2) PC Format - System Shock 2 Review (Page 3)





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