System Shock Preview – PC Format

I’ve got in a couple more lengthy sessions on Wing Commander Saga but it still continues unabated. The Behemoth is no more so I ought to be well over halfway now but I’m only guessing. I’ll have Legend Of Grimrock vying for my attention later today also but I’ll leave it alone until I finish Saga.

That can only mean more magazine scans for now and I’m not quite finished with the July 1994 PC Format yet as it also contains a short preview of System Shock:-

System Shock Preview - PC Format Page 1 System Shock Preview - PC Format Page 2

As an added extra that really doesn’t warrant its own post, here is something no home should be without; a pack of Origin playing cards presumably provided for the developers use when they could manage to get away from their desks:-

Origin Playing Cards

3 thoughts on “System Shock Preview – PC Format

    • I don’t think you can be allowing for how well the Longbow matches my unsubtle flying style. I was getting through every mission on the first attempt for a while there. I’m about 4 missions into Freya now and it’s getting a whole lot tougher. I had thought I might finish it tonight but maybe not by the sound of it.

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