Ultima 1 (Apple IIGS) – Part 3

Thanks to the aid of Joseph Seeley, part 3 is following sooner than expected and we get to see the end of the game. The savegame he provided already had everything in place required to win, so I spent all my money raising up my HP, rescued the nearest princess and went off searching for a time machine once again.


This time it did appear correctly so I’ve no idea what went wrong with my game. Having now found the time machine, I’m a little wary that my HP is way off maximum still but there isn’t anything to lose by giving it a go so I hop straight in.


The endgame is instantly recognisable. I’d have thought the final encounter deserved a suitable backing track but it’s carried out in silence apart from the digitized effects. I needn’t have worried about my HP as the IIGS Mondain is something of a lightweight. Once transformed into a bat, he never even made it out of the little square surrounding the gem and more or less stood still and let me blast him the 7 or 8 times required for victory.


He dies with a slightly inappropriate scream…

20140508_203510 20140508_203519

.. and the end screen fades in with the familiar text.

Finishing this off took 5-10 minutes so there isn’t a whole lot to add. This port has felt a little unfinished at times so I do wonder if there are more complete versions out there which have some of the loose ends tidied up. Hopefully, it will be available for sale again one of these days and I can find out.

7 thoughts on “Ultima 1 (Apple IIGS) – Part 3

  1. I’m a bit dissapointed with this version. I always heard this one was the best version of Ultima I, but it doesn’t seem it is. I think I prefer the PC-88 and FMtowns versions better.

    Does this version have the traps in the dungeons that need the rope and spikes to survive? Those were in the original Apple II release, but were missing (along with the Steal spell) from the PC port. The 1986 remakes always seemed incomplete without the traps and the steal spell.

    • I thought the FM-Towns version was awful. The music was annoying, the enemies’ sprites looked dorky, there was an annoying beep that playing continuously when you held a key pressed (which happened all the time, as you hold a key to walk), and it was really annoying how they added doors to the passageways in the dungeons that blocked your view but didn’t prevent enemies from attacking you from the other side.

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  3. Personally, I think you should play my board game version of Ultima 1!
    You will have WAY more fun and it will give you a new thread to create for your blog!!
    Go on, give it a try… you know you want to!!
    Ultima 1: The Board Game on BoardGameGeek.com
    Joe P.

    • I’m definitely intrigued, a single player board game would be a first for me. I am slightly put off by the thought of trying to print everything out. I’d need a bigger printer for a start unless I shrink everything down to travel edition size. If I can overcome that hurdle then I’d love to give it a go.

  4. Hi Pix,
    I might be able to remedy that!! If you are willing to do a full review of the game with photos and all the good and bad that you discover, I will send you my copy so you don’t have to print anything out!
    Email me and let me know what you think of my offer!!

  5. I think we need an upgrade to ultima I that adds back the steal spell, and puts the traps back in the game. Also, I think if it had to add any music, the one in the PC88/98 ports is the best suited for an Ultima (it just doesn’t have much quality).

    What you said about the FMtowns port is true, I didn’t remember the annoying part with the doors in the dungeon.

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