Ultima 3 – Knife Of The Eye/Magnet Of The Heart EP

I’m continuing the Japanese Ultima 3 theme with one of the more unlikely pieces of merchandise to find its way into my hands. This is an EP published by Canyon in 1987 featuring a couple of tracks from the NES version of the game These have been rearranged to the point of being barely recognisable and have added vocals sung by Noriko Hidaka who I gather went on to become reasonably famous on Japanese TV.

Ultima 3 Japanese EP

I have to say it was worth tracking down a copy of this just for the photoshopped cover art. As for the music, Knife Of The Eye played in Ultima 3 when Lord British levels up your character and Magnet Of The Heart when exploring his castle. Both of these also featured on an Ultima Mix CD which had another 9 tracks from the game but without vocals.

I dug out my long disused record player to see if I could play this and it still worked much to my surprise. The sound only came out in mono so it needs a connection sorting out somewhere but you can download the results below:-

Knife Of The Eye
Magnet Of The Heart

The best I can say about the music is that it is very 80’s complete with synthesisers and the obligatory guitar solo. I’m not about to recommend listening to any version but the adventurous listener looking for the full high-fidelity experience will find the Ultima mix CD available to download in all it’s glory at The Rabbit’s Lair.

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