Ultima 7 False Box Back Proof

When Ultima 7 was released it was packaged in a mostly black box with surprisingly little on there to market the game to anyone. The idea was to have large walls of the boxes in shops which would stand out looking something like a giant black gate. This general design philosophy was originally going to be carried on through the boxes for the whole trilogy using different colours for each game but it ended up being shelved completely for Ultima 9.

At some point after Ultima 7 went on sale, Origin/EA clearly had a change of heart on the packaging and decided that it might be an idea to actually try to sell the game to people. To do this they opted to include a false box back in the form of an additional sheet with a printout of the review from PC Games. I happen to have the original proof for this box back which looks like this:-

Ultima 7 False Box Back Proof - Rear Ultima 7 False Box Back Proof - Front

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