Ultima 7 Patch Disk

The recent publication of the Ultima Guide and it’s companion book raised my curiosity to see what I’m missing and if I have anything good that isn’t in there. This could prompt a handful of posts on here over coming weeks and months if I dig anything up. One of the rumoured items in the guide was an Ultima 7 patch disk which I can confirm does exist as I’ve got one:-


It contains the regular patch if the file size is anything to go by. I would imagine that there must have been hundreds, if not thousands of these at the time of Ultima 7. The game did after all have a major bug and we didn’t all have the internet back then to grab a patch.

A floppy disk is far too dull to warrant its own post, so I’ll liven it up with a picture of an Origin shopping bag:-


5 thoughts on “Ultima 7 Patch Disk

    • There can’t be many of us who would describe an Origin carrier bag as cool but I know where you are coming from. I’ve plenty more Origin odds and ends which I’ll probably end up posting on here.

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