Ultima Patcher 1.22

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s update, I’ve added in support for Martian Dreams and Savage Empire to the Ultima Patcher. If there are any fan patches for either game, I wasn’t able to find them so this just adds the option to use MT-32 emulation in both games (if you have the ROM’s). This was a rush job to get it done today for the GOG release but I’m relatively sure it works. If anyone actually uses this, I’ll look at adding MT-32 emulation support to the rest of the games.

The new version can be downloaded from here.

4 thoughts on “Ultima Patcher 1.22

  1. I don’t know of any patches, but I’m quite sure there was something (a program) to enable the cheats in both games (similar cheats to the ones from Ultima 6).

    • I couldn’t find anything to do for Ultima 8 so I never added it in. I’ll be happy to if I’ve missed anything.

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