Wing Commander 3 – 3DO Magazine Advert Separates

Real life has been getting in the way of me posting anything on here for a while but I’ve made the time for a brief return. I’ve recently bought myself a CH flightstick for my 3DO, which means I’ll finally be able to play Wing Commander 3 3DO and give Super Wing Commander another go with the right controller. Both of those will have to wait but it appeared to be the occasion to parade this particular item which is a set of negatives dated 11/12/94 for a full page Wing Commander 3 3DO advert:-

Wing Commander 3DO Advert Seps Envelope Wing Commander 3DO Advert Seps

The sticker on the front proclaims these to be “bad seps!!!” but I wasn’t going to let it put me off having a go at combining them into one image. They are a little too large for my scanner but the relevant part in the middle of each negative just about fit. 10 minutes of photoshopping later I produced this:-

Wing Commander 3 - 3DO Advert (From dodgy seps)

It turned out that the fault on the seps is not exactly significant but still very apparent. I’d have been more concerned about the claim of being the first 3DO interactive movie which is highly dubious given that this didn’t come out until 1995 and the 3DO had already seen games like Mad Dog McCree and Hell – A Cyberpunk Thriller (not to mention the infamous Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties).

2 thoughts on “Wing Commander 3 – 3DO Magazine Advert Separates

  1. As always fascinating stuff!

    One note: the flight stick isn’t internally supported by Super Wing Commander. It’ll improve the game significantly just because it’s a flight stick shaped 3DO controller… but it’s only Wing Commander III where the game itself takes into account the different controller.

    • I take it that means no analog control for steering then. I’ve always prefered a d-pad to using an analog stick in those circumstances but I’ll give it a go. Can’t wait to play WC3 – I’ve had the game and the 3DO sat around gathering dust for months while I tried to get the joystick.

      It just got delivered this morning so I’ll be giving it a test drive this weekend.

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