Ultima Patcher 1.4

It’s only been 2 days since the last one but I was persuaded that there was a need for Ultima 9 support and have uploaded a new version of the Ultima Patcher. This adds the new Forgotten World mod, as well as an easier way to change screen resolution and swap between Glide/D3D. I’ve also put in the monster/economy and dialog patches which people may or may not prefer to the vanilla experience.

A couple of things to note:-

  • Installing/uninstalling Forgotten World will replace your Ultima 9 config (Options.ini) with the FW or GOG recommended settings respectively.
  • The dialog patch originally came with a utility to rename your Avatar. This crashes on 64 bit systems so I’ve left it out for the moment. On a 32 bit system, you can rename your Avatar by running u9name.exe in your Ultima 9 directory after installing the dialog patch. Failing that you are stuck with an Avatar called Grandor.
  • 5 thoughts on “Ultima Patcher 1.4

    1. So, does this include the individual patches 1.19f and the ones from forgotten worlds without the modded worldmap? I mean the one that fixes Jaana, some music, and a few other bugs but does not add any new textures, or grass or anything else.

      • I gather that 1.19f is already installed by GOG but otherwise yes. I’ve put a link in to Beautiful Britannia but not included it due to size. I did think about putting in a button to download it which I may still do at some point.

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    3. Hey Pix, about that Avatar name utility for the dialog patch, if it is a command line program maybe it could run under dosbox. I have done that sometimes and has worked for me with other programs

      • Thanks, you are right. I thought it was a tiny Windows program for some reason or I would have tried that. I’ll get that fixed and do a 1.41 when I get the chance.

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