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This post is something of a novelty for this site in that it contains scans of one of most positive Wing Commander reviews you are ever likely to read, despite appearing in a UK gaming magazine (PC Review December 1996). This should go a small way toward redressing the journalistic balance on here. It still takes a potshot at Wing Commander 4 in the early paragraphs but describes Privateer 2 as “…probably the most polished PC game ever, and the most rewarding, ambitious and addictive computer game for a few years.” It also includes a short interview with Erin Roberts on the final page.

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2 thoughts on “Privateer 2 Review – PC Review Magazine

  1. Woah wait – look at that wingman screenshot! That is decidedly NOT the final description for Delphinius… who (and the picture seems to support this!) is by no means a porpoise in the finished game.

    • Yeah, I saw that and thought it looked odd (especially the quote) but I figured it must have been in the game. Guess this was based on an early review copy then.

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