Ultima Underworld – Test Signatures

The big news today (at least for me), is that my copy of Caverns of Callisto has arrived safe and sound. I was asked last week if there was any fiction in the documentation. The answer is yes but not very much. The manual is a single folded sheet of card not giving much scope for any lengthy stories but it does set the scene. I’ll scan it all in at some point but I’ll hold off for now. If I just put all the best stuff straight on here, I’d never get anyone to read through weeks of me playing demos.

While I’m working on the site, here is another random document from the collection. This one is probably only of any interest to serious Underworld fans but that certainly includes myself. It’s a series of sample signatures for Corby and Sir Cabirus for the i page of the Ultima Underworld manual. None of these were actually used but it’s easy to pick out aspects that were combined together into the final graphics. Some of the Cabirus’ are either mispelt or the name hadn’t been decided on.

Underworld Manual Test Signatures

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