Just a quick walkthough post this time as I play the AGS fan-made game Ultimerr. This was made by a guy called DGMacphee and is a very short adventure game parody. Despite the title, it’s not specifically a parody of Ultima but manages to fit in a whole host of references.

I play Abitar a likely looking helmet headed hero who has just arrived in the kingdom of Anthrax….

Walking onto the second screen gets me my quest which is to collect the three parts of the white gem and use it to create a portal to reach the evil Prince Foreskin who is brewing a potion to destroy the lands.

I head South and into a small town. There are a load of buildings I can explore here. All of them are very similar looking 1 room affairs. The first is the shop and the gem I want is for sale here at a price I can’t afford. I do start the game with 4 gold pieces which will buy me a load of meat so I grab that.

The next building is the local whorehouse owned by the Pimp of Persia. He wants me to recruit a prostitute for him. I can see that the humour isn’t exactly going to be sophisticated but it’s still entertaining enough. The conversations have a bit of a monkey island feel to them in fact although you would never have seen this quest in Monkey Island.

Building 3 has Jack Bates & mother. His mother is not talking to him, allegedly because he sold the cow for some beans but more likely because she is dead. He gives me his psychotherapy ticket at least.

I use this in the next building to get a session with Sigmund Froid & a free book on computer game character analysis.

Building 5 is a dress shop owned by Kalvin. He wants some material for his dresses.

And the final building is a hairdressers with a wig which I promptly steal.

I’ve run out of stuff to do in town so I head back to the altar and West. There isn’t much I can do here either except grab some cotton.

That only leaves East which leads me into a mysterious cave.

This is an Indiana Jones reference clearly enough and I have to take the leap of faith.

I get halfway only to realise that I’m not walking on anything.

Next is a prime number puzzle which is easy enough.

And at the end I grab my first gem.

It occurs to me at this point that I’ve got all the beef from the shop. Giving this to Jack is kind of getting his cow back and sure enough it gets me some magic beans which I grow into a beanstalk.

I climb this to the obligatory castle.

The giant up here has issues with eating people. I hand over the book I got from Freud and now have gem #2.

Kalvin takes the cotton in return for a dress. I nearly have a disguise but I finish it off by grabbing two coconuts from the beach.

I don my disguise and head straight off the the pimp to work my way up to 3000 credits.

Lord English promptly shows up….

…only to get a nasty surprise.

He does leave behind his trousers and wallet complete with an Antrax Express credit card.

I use this in the shop and I now have all the pieces of the gem.

I summon up the portal.

And come face to face with Prince Foreskin. Unfortunately he is behind a forcefield.

I use the gem on him and summon Bruce Campbell! He uses his godlike status to walk straight through the forcefield and finish the game.

This game only took about 20-30 minutes to play but it was always entertaining while it lasted. The humour is well done although more than a little juvenile at times. The graphics are extremely basic but they do the job. The game also has a tendency to crash when you change location so I needed to make sure I saved fairly often. I can’t be too critical with a fan-made game like this anyway. I’m sure the games author didn’t expect anyone to even be playing it, nevermind doing a writeup on it about 15 years later. It’s still a fun little game and well worth a go if you have half an hour spare.

One thought on “Ultimerr

  1. Interesting game, I knew it existed… but never really took a look to it or anything.

    I think so far the best Ultima parody is Ultima IV part 2. I should try to finish that one, it looked hilarious and I was just at the beggining 🙂

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