This is the first Origin game to be in VGA and only the second to support soundcards after Times Of Lore. Both of these were huge leaps forward for PC gaming but despite that I’m really not looking forward to playing this game. Its not in the same league as Knights Of Legend but the first game in the series (Moebius) was the only other game I’ve played so far I didn’t enjoy all that much. My main problems with it were the slow speed of moving around and lack of variety in gameplay. There were a lot of good gameplay elements in there so maybe the sequel will be an improvement.

The game isn’t entirely in VGA and uses 16 colour graphics some of the time. There is also no MT-32 support. I’m something of a fan of the MT-32 and on the whole it was better than the general MIDI music that came afterwards. The fact that developers could use sysex commands to reprogram it and create instruments gave it much more flexibility whereas most general MIDI soundtracks ended up using the same instruments and sounding very similar. Adlib music was certainly a big improvement from PC-speaker anyway. Hopefully it will be used for more than the intro here unlike Times Of Lore.

I’ve not done any more than start the game up so far and have a quick go at the martial arts training so I’ll hold off on the story/screenshots until I get started properly.

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