Wing Commander Prophecy – Preview Screenshots

I thought it was about time I posted something on here so I had a search through a few cover CD’s looking for an Ultima Online 2 demo video I remember seeing. I didn’t find it but did spot a disk with some early Wing Commander Prophecy screenshots (most of which are pre-rendered). These come from the September 1997 PC Gaming World which should date them to about 5-6 months before WCP was released. It’s a pity they aren’t larger but these were probably hosted on the Origin website originally and would no doubt have been considered high-resolution back then:-

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2 thoughts on “Wing Commander Prophecy – Preview Screenshots

  1. If you are looking for the 2 trailers of UO2 I have them on my hard drive.
    I could send them to you if you want. I also have a uo2 production demo video from 2005 which I don’t remember seeing before lol

    • I’ve probably seen those 3 although it’s hard to be sure. I have no idea what is on this cover CD I was looking for, I saw some text on the back about “exclusive” footage when I was stacking the CD’s ages back so I was hoping it might be something different. Odds are it won’t be but it’s worth a look when I find it.

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