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Moving this website around is becoming a habit this year and after a brief absence I’m back up and running once more on a new host. The previous provider decided that the amount of bandwidth I got through from 7-8am Saturday morning constituted a denial of service attack and blocked the site. Given the levels involved this seemed more than overzealous, I mean I can download 3 times more than that in an hour single-handed. Suffice to say, I asked for a refund and at least got most of my money back. The service was so cheap in the first place I was bound to run into something like this sooner or later but I had been hoping for later.

Moving everything around has gotten old so this time I’ve gone the full hog and the site is now running entirely on its own VPS. This is complete overkill and took an age to set up from a blank slate but I intend to use the server for other things so it will come in handy now I have it. It came with a hefty bandwidth allowance so feel free to download to your heart’s content. I don’t think I’ve forgotten anything but please let me know if things don’t work.

5 thoughts on “Another change of address

  1. You are not having much luck with your sever providers…. I hope this time things work better.

    btw, Pix, I got a few questions offtopic if you don’t mind. If I’m not mistaken, you are from UK, right? Are you by any chance a sofware engineer? I ask because I’m thinking of trying my luck going to UK for work and because you seem to know what you are doing when you do something related to computers (Spain is really in bad shape right now and getting work here is difficult and even if I get one, it won’t give me enough money to pay rent). My question, is how is work there right now? and does it usually give enough to pay rent and make a living there?

    • I wouldn’t exactly call myself a software engineer although I’m being forced down that line into Oracle development at the moment. For various reasons, I’m not entirely happy about that and have been looking for a move so I do know a little about the job market here.

      It is better than it was a year back but I wouldn’t say it’s easy to find work. From what I’ve seen there are jobs around but there are also far too many applicants so you really need to already have the relevant skills/experience to stand much chance. I can afford to be picky so I’ve been looking for a step up but so far I’ve only been offered sideways usually at the expense of several hours a day extra in travelling.

      I’ve heard that things are picking up faster in the South (i.e. London) but I’m not prepared to move so I’ve not looked into it. Don’t expect to be well off when you are starting out but any programming job should certainly give you enough for rent as long as you don’t mind a commute.

      • Thanks for the answer.

        Thanks for the answer Pix, I’ll certainly try to get a work around London if I can. If I go to UK I should invite you to a beer for the info, I owe you a few already for all the scans.

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