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One of the first articles on the Roberts Space Industries website was a bio of Chris Roberts complete with a gameography. This happened to give a release year for his Popeye game which was the perfect reason to search through some old BBC computer magazines to see if I could find the thing. I came up empty handed again but I did stumble across something else to share.

So especially for anyone curious enough about Chris Roberts’ first game to click on the RSI link, here is what I would guess is his first (and for all I know only) published game review. The scans come from Issue 4 of Micro User (courtesy of The Acorn Preservation Project) where he gives his opinion on Countdown to Doom. His age at the time (May 83) is clearly given away when describing the benefits of save games.

I’m speculating that this is the same Chris Roberts but this was two issues after King Kong so it has to be a safe bet.

Micro_User_v1_n4_Jun_1983_067 Micro_User_v1_n4_Jun_1983_068

2 thoughts on “Chris Roberts – Game Journalist

    • Someone who is working for him maybe? I’d guess Chris is not that easy to get hold of at the moment. He must be the author though, it would be too big a coincidence.

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