Another batch of manuals

I’ve added a large batch of manuals to the downloads. Apart from a couple of requests after the last post, I’ve also gone through replacmentdocs adding in anything I’ve played on here that I noticed was missing or poor quality. This includes Cybermage, Noctopolis, Netstorm, Ultima Trilogy, Runes Of Virtue 2 (SNES), Super Wing Commander (3DO), Origin FX, Privateer Speech Pack, Privateer Righteous Fire, Longbow Flashpoint Korea, Ultima 1 Remake & finally the Ultima 9 spellbook. Some of these have more going for them than others, with the highlights probably being the two comics from Cybermage and Noctropolis. I think that fills the gaps for every game which is on the blog but if there is anything else the offer to scan it in still stands.

2 thoughts on “Another batch of manuals

  1. Thanks a lot for all the guides and manuals!
    I have a request. Do you happen to have any of the strategy guides for System Shock 2, StarLancer and FreeLancer?
    While these games were not made by Origin, they are somewhat Origin-related. I’ll appreciate anything you come up with.

  2. I’ve got a copy of the System Shock 2 guide in the post as it happens, but it will be on a slow boat across the Atlantic so don’t count on seeing any scans for a month or two.

    I don’t have the other two but they are on the list for when I see them at the right price. You could be waiting a while but they will be on here eventually.

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