You may have noticed a few manuals appearing on the downloads page in the last couple of days. I got a request last week for the Strike Commander, Pacific Strike and Wings Of Glory manuals, all of which are now done. I wasn’t originally going to host any manuals on here but I’d rather not have to wait for the replacementdocs approval process, so I’ll host them at least for now. I’m glad to say that I’ve also finished scanning in the last of Origin’s books which I’ll be reading for the blog, but you will have to wait for that one until I’ve read it myself.

I thought I’d already scanned in the missing Origin manuals 5 years back for replacementdocs but I clearly skipped a few. If anyone has a request for anything else that is missing/needs redoing, let me know and I’ll get that done as well (provided that I have the original, of course). I can’t say that I’m anxious to do any more scanning but after 500 page epics like the RPG Companion, the manuals are positively lightweight. If nothing else, I’ve caught up on a few films I wanted to see while I was making all these pdf’s.

6 thoughts on “Manuals

  1. Thanks for the manuals.

    I do have a little request. I wonder if you could scan the Ultima IX spellbook. The one at replacementdocs is really low quality and the replacement seems that will never be approved at this rate…

    Thanks in advance Pix

  2. oh, and another request.

    The ultima I manual (the remake one, not the original apple 2 version) at replacement docs doesn’t have any monster pictures in the bestiary.

    I don’t know if this was so in the original manual because in my ultima collection hlp manuals the ultima 1 bestiary does have monster pictures in it. If you could check it out it will be great.

    Sorry for the double post

      • Thanks a lot Pix. So in the end, the Ultima I manual DID have those pictures in it. I have my doubts because the version at replacementdocs and the one in the Ultima Collection were different 🙂

        About other manuals, the only thing I can think of is the Caverns of Callisto manual, but I think you don’t have that game.

        • I’m still looking for Caverns Of Callisto. If I ever get a copy I’ll get that done as well but you could be waiting a long time.

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