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I think things are just about back up and running again on here after yet another change of web host. This must be the 4th move in the last two years so fingers crossed this one lasts longer than the last three. So far, so good with quick service, decent server specs, a nice free upgrade in HD space just for asking and most importantly of all they are cheaper.

As far as I can tell my previous VPS had a hard disk failure on Friday morning which still hasn’t been resolved nearly 4 days later at the time of writing. I’m having to resort to guesswork however as my soon to be ex-webhost is being less than communicative. The website backup software I got after the last move is looking like a good investment now anyway. Aside from having to set up the various servers on an unfamiliar Linux variant, getting everything back has been trouble free if slow. The last job remaining is all the PC Zone scans of which there are still over 40Gb worth currently uploading. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve missed something so as ever please let me know if anything is broken or missing.

The bad news is that I hadn’t done a site backup in a month so everything posted on here since the end of July has been lost. It’s not been my busiest month so I think that’s just the second Operation Copernicus post + the Ultima 6 SNES playthrough. I would hope that my old site will resurface at some point in which case I’ll reinstate the missing posts. Either way I should be picking up Ultima 6 where I left off in the next couple of days.

8 thoughts on “Another New Home

  1. At some point I signed up for somethin’ that sent me e-mails whenever you made a new post. These e-mails include the entire post. Most of the images for the lost posts are gone but I do seem to have the entirety of the text if you would like me to send them to you.

  2. Sorry to hear you’ve been having some troubles with the hosting.

    I might have backups of some of your recent posts (e.g. the Ultima 6 stuff), complete with pictures, in my Pocket queue. If so, I’ll offline them and stuff them into a ZIP in Dropbox.

    • Much appreciated. My old site isn’t back up yet but I might be set up on a new server later today I gather. There is still no word on whether the data is lost or not. I’ll try to grab the pages out of Google’s cache if all else fails.

    • That does indeed help. Slightly surprised my site is on there at all and it’s extremely lucky that out of 3 updates this year the last one was only a week or so back. It has all the missing posts except the most recent. Most of the images are missing but I’ve probably got most of those on my phone with a bit of luck.

      Since you’ve helped me out, I’ll attempt to make the time this weekend to scan one of those guides you keep pestering me about. Pick which one you want first if you have a favourite.

  3. Hrm, my earlier comment apparently didn’t show up… I have the second Operation Copernicus post + the Ultima 6 SNES playthrough posts in my e-mail. But text only.

    • Your comments had been put straight in the spam list for some reason, I’d better check what is going on with the filter. Thanks for the offer anyway. I’ve got all the missing text back now and nearly all the images. I’m hoping Ken can set me up with those in which case that should be everything back as it was.

  4. Glad it helped. 🙂
    Since you’re so kind with the guides and Dark Forces 1 is already up I’ll be grateful if you scan Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2 first. Really appreciate your generosity.

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