Day 123

After one more mission to finish things up in South Africa its back to base again. We need to get a new pilot in replace Baseline and get a new recruit straight away who used to fly with the Israeli air force.

Other than that its business as usual and back to Selims. This time I get a choice of 3 campaigns. I’ll no doubt be flying them all anyway so I just pick the first one and get sent to Hawaii this time to held destroy a naval carrier. This is a 4 mission campaign. Its all standard and easy enough until the final mission to destroy the carrier which is surrounded by warships firing missiles at me. I take a load of attempts to finish this mission but make it in the end.

I’ve still got 3 choices of mission at Selims – thats probably enough missions to finish the game unless these campaigns turn out to be a bit shorter. I pick the first one again, this time in Costa Rica, where just for a change we have to take out an air base. This time I’m flying against the Rhinos who have a different strategy using cheap planes with top ordnance and ground support.

Before we head out I instruct Manuel to sell the F22 as we just can’t afford to keep it in the air. Money is tight in general in this game and I seem to have less left at the end of each campaign than what I started with. The fact that my wingmen keep getting shot down isn’t helping this any but at the current rate I should just about last out the rest of the game before going broke.

Thats half the game done – apart from the new wingman who doesn’t seem any different to the others there is still nothing new to speak of and even the campaign storylines are cut down with short mission briefings and nothing imbetween.

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