Day 124

The missions in Costa Rica carry on in the same vein. The ground support of the Rhinos isn’t in evidence for the first couple of missions although the planes they are flying go down very easily. 

The third mission is a bit more interesting. The Rhinos have called in ground support and we have to take it out. On the way we fly through their airstrip and I get to gun down the launching planes.

Its then onto the column of ground vehicles which we have to take out – there are plenty of them but they are undefended so are sitting ducks. Killing these off completes this mission.

At this point I was seriously low on cash but I guess the sale of the F22 must have gone through as I’ve now got 40 million in the bank. Its back to Selims – there is a new fixer there this time but I take the remaining mission from the first batch instead for now.

This time its off to New Siberia to destroy a bomber base.

It follows the usual structure taking out air support in the first two missions and then bombing the base in the third. There is a final bonus mission to take out 3 Hercules planes which I have to fly solo as everyone else has already packed up.

Its back to Selims with just the one option left.

This new fixer called Maxwell offers a mission paying 12 million in India protecting their newly discovered gold from the Nicaraguans.

After a couple of dogfight missions, I get to take out a building in a city in an attempt to kill the Nicoraguan leader. In the end he escapes and I have to shoot his yacht down in mission 4. The games still going and that was mission 22 so the box understated the number for some reason.

There is still only the one fixer left at Selims though and this time its off to British Columbia to help it gain independence from Canada. On the flight over there we stop off in Ireland and we learn that a load of Tomahawk missiles has been stolen and launched. We have to take down the missiles before they strike.

At least this is something new, although I’ll be seeing a few similar missions in Wing Commander games to come. After the mission the final cutscene kicks in.

It’s an inconclusive end where the Wildcats just land after completing the mission. Nothing in particular happened in the storyline overall and I was expecting us to find a new base outside of Turkey or something. Even if you really loved Strike Commander, you would have been a bit disappointed with this add on. It wasn’t too bad to play through but I really hope that Pacific Strike & Wings of Glory will have a bit more to offer and have something to add to the formula.

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2 thoughts on “Day 124

  1. I think I read somewhere that pacific strike was the worst of this games… It didn’t even get a cd version as Strike Commander and Wings of Glory did (it got a speech anyway, but not for all the characters)

  2. I’ve got the PS speech pack – I’m sure it’s the usual thing and just adds voices in the cockpit + maybe a couple of cutscenes. These speech packs were a bit of a rip off really – you should at least have been getting real actors for that sort of money. I’m not expecting PS to be great but ll settle for it being different to Strike Commander.

    Wings of Glory looks quite promising potentially and I’ve seen some good reviews for it. AFAIK it was released on CD only rather than being converted afterwards like Strike Commander which should improve the scope of the game with any luck.

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