Day 28

I only managed another hour this weekend so haven’t got a lot to say. I can’t see me making much progress this week in general. I’ve just added a satellite TV capture card to my HTPC so I can get HD on freesat. My old TV software of course won’t work with it, so I spent ages fiddling around with SageTV instead, getting guide listings to import,etc.. After all my efforts, I got it mostly working but my PC really isn’t fast enough to cope with HD. Its dropping about half the frames so I’m upgrading it, swapping everything except the drives, psu and case. This will make it faster than my main pc and its not even costing much. I can’t believe how cheap it is to get a decent PC these days. All the bits should arrive on Tuesday. If I’m lucky and windows still boots it might not take too long to sort out. If I have to reinstall everything it will take ages.

To get back on topic, I set out to complete the last 3 shrine quests. I also explored a few places I came across while I was sailing around. There are numerous little buildings other than the towns. There isn’t much in them but they make the landscape less barren and reward exploration. There are 4 lighthouses, these are little use when you are in your boat – I assume they were added as a nice effect you could do with the engine to show the beam rotating. I got a sextant from one of the lighthouses. Elsewhere, I met a demon who has now taken up farming after being shown the way by LB in the underworld. This guy was full of useful information including the name of the shadowlord of hatred and the location of his shard in the underworld.

The last shrine quest involved going through a moongate at midnight to find the shrine of spirtuality. When I get to the codex it gives me a long piece of text (in runes), basically giving me the password for the final dungeon.  I went back to the shrine, got my stats boost and thats as far as I got. I’ll gather a few more companions next and explore some of the towns.

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