Day 40

I had a long session on KOL and managed to finish it off today. Again I’m not going to go into detail, the format was pretty much the same as everything that went before. In some ways the game grew on me a bit, the quests got more elaborate with it gettting harder to chase down the information needed from the townspeople. Take away the awful combat system and this game could potentially have been good. Since you will be spending 95% of your time in the combat though its utterly ruined.

Some of the quests would have been even more painful without the cheating. One of them is a giant maze where your party is split up at the start. Whoever designed that must have been a masochist if they thought that was going to be entertaining.

I can’t say I got any real feeling of a plot throughout the game – there is some sort of vague storyline for the quests but it doesn’t really contribute to any overall plot and at the end of the game you free segallion and thats it. The fact I was cheating utterly and rushing through meant I missed stuff out but I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss a lot.

At the end of the game you free Segallion (who is a sort of hero mentioned in the manual) and he hints at more quests to be done which of course never happened. I’ve included every screen from the endgame. You can also go after this back to the person who gave you the quest to get another item which would have been useful in KOL2 no doubt.

 I’m glad to have got the end anyway. Having cheated theres no sense of accomplishment here but at least I can move onto the next game which will hopefully be a bit better than this one.

Next up: Tangled Tales

One thought on “Day 40

  1. Well, I actually like the story of this game more than the mechanics.

    The fighting system is too slow even for me. And I enjoy slow fights lol.
    I remember the first time I tried this game…. the fights were pain, and the worst was trying a quest and getting killed near the end of it, or even in the trek back.

    Anyway, I do plan to play this game without cheating myself… but it would take long for me to finish it as I don’t think I could spare more than 3 or 4 hours a week.

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