Day 39

 It would be a stretch to call it fun but its definitely an improvement now I’ve hacked my character. All the random encounters are down to one or two monsters with a one man party and I’m speeding through the quests (relatively speaking). I started out by treking up to Htron at the north end of the map and have completed another 4 quests.

I could go into detail but I’m not sure the game is good enough to warrant the effort so I’ll write a bit here and just dump my screenshots in one big group. Suffice to say that the formula remains exactly the same although I do have to trek to the far side of the map and back to complete most of these quests. There isn’t necessarily anywhere nearby to save the game either – I’m really glad I’ve cheated at this point. It took about 1 1/2 hours to complete these four quests so at that speed I can look forward to another 6 hours of this rubbish but I am at least getting somewhere.  

The standard of graphics is still really excellent with new character and house graphics for everyone in the game. The production values for this game were sky high, its just a pity the gameplay is utterly dire.

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