Privateer 2 – PC Format Review

It seems that Chris Roberts can’t go anywhere these days without breaking servers. I was going join in his reddit AMA but it crashed about 30 seconds after I joined. Maybe Star Citizen is just too popular for its own good but it’s still not a bad bit of publicity and puts the trouble with the RSI site in context.

While I give it a chance to come back online, here’s a scan of a Privateer 2 review from the January 1997 PC Format:-

PC Format Privateer 2 Review - Page 1 PC Format Privateer 2 Review - Page 2

You may notice that while Wing Commander 4 got a rough ride for its copious use of FMV, massive budget and unoriginality, Privateer 2 gets universal praise despite being just as guilty in all departments. I’m sure the fact that it had a British cast has nothing to do with it…

I love both games of course although unlike the reviewer here, I’d regard the combat as one the weaker aspects. It definitely wasn’t the most expensive game ever made either, despite the line at the start, as Wing Commander 4 cost over twice as much. Privateer 2 was filmed before WC4 though (despite coming out later), so may have held the title at some point during production.

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