Privateer 2 Review – PC Zone

This is a review of Privateer 2 from the November 1996 PC Zone. I immediately side with the reviewer (Chris Anderson) when he starts out by saying how fed up he is of having to defend Wing Commander over X-Wing. There is plenty of room for both series which I’m intending to point out in the final part of my X-Wing playthrough if I ever actually finish it. Anderson goes on to conclude that Privateer 2 is better than either of them. Not sure I’d go that far but it’s certainly a classic and seriously overdue a GOG rerelease:-

PCZonePrivateer2ReviewPage1 PCZonePriv2ReviewPage2

This review comes courtesy of Magnus Björkbom who quickly responded to my last post with a couple more PC Zone scans for issues #41 and #44. Both of those are now available in full on here getting the archive past the halfway point in terms of scanning the first 110 issues. I also uploaded the cover CD for the first of those new issues while I was at it + the previously missing cover CD’s for #102. I’ll add another scan of my own soon but not before I settle a score with a certain Death Star.

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