Ultima 4 Amiga Press release

I’ve had no time at all this week and have not so much as looked at playing FM Towns Ultima 2 yet. Instead here are scans of 2 prints for an Ultima 4 Amiga press release:-

Image 0173 Image 0174

These mid to late 80’s press releases were all two-sided with a short article on the front and a fact sheet on the back. I’m guessing slightly that these two belong together as they are test prints on separate pages but they were next to each other in the folder and the Amiga requirements are on the fact sheet so it’s more than likely.

A few things of note are that the first page would probably have been printed on Origin headed paper for the actual press release which is why there is the large space at the top. The Ultima IV logo on the fact sheet has been stuck on after the sheet was printed. I also thought it was curious that it describes Britannia as being “torn with strife and suffering” which isn’t how I would think of the world in Ultima 4. It clearly wasn’t perfect but it would probably have been one of the better times to live in Britannia looking back on all the other Ultimas.

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