Ultima – Britannia Kingdom Crisis

Japanese Ultima 3 week continues apace with another Ultima 3 gamebook, Britannia Kingdom Crisis. This one was published in 1987 by Keibunsha:-

Ultima - Britannia Kingdom Crisis

Once again my lack of Japanese prevents me saying too much about this but it was number 31 in the Adventure Hero Books series and based on the world of Ultima 3. As with all of these, I’m reduced to looking at the pictures which I’d hope aren’t this books strong point. While the artwork is less cartoony than Cabal Of Zola The Mage, the quality is nowhere near the same standard. Good or bad, there is easily enough of it to warrant a gallery:-

Image 0005 Image 0006 Image 0021 Image 0024 Image 0027Image 0033 Image 0035 Image 0043 Image 0045 Image 0058Image 0061 Image 0068 Image 0080 Image 0082 Image 0084Image 0095 Image 0099 Image 0116 Image 0126 Image 0130Image 0139 Image 0149 Image 0158 Image 0161 Image 0165Image 0171 Image 0188 Image 0193 Image 0196 Image 0201Image 0208 Image 0211

As ever, the full book is now scanned in and available to download. I’ve one more item left to finish the week off and have been saving the best for last.

As an addendum, I’ll like to wish a belated happy birthday to both Ultima Aiera/The Ultima Codex and the Wing Commander CIC and give a big thank you to all involved for flying the flag all these years.

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