Ultima Manga 1 – The Terror Of Exodus

I’m finishing off the week with the first in the series of Ultima comics. There were four of these manga’s published in Japan by JICC, this one is titled “The Terror Of Exodus” and came out in 1988:-

Ultima Manga - The Terror Of Exodus

As the title suggests, it’s based around Ultima 3 although you may start to wonder when it jumps to outer space after the early colour section. Also, the ending would be more in keeping with Final Fantasy with planets/moons crashing together and giant monster battles so epic they won’t fit on one page. It certainly looks like fun and the artwork isn’t bad on the whole. Like all this weeks books, I only wish I could read it.

It wasn’t the easiest to scan but it’s now in the downloads for anyone to take a look. On the offchance anyone wanted to use this to do a scanlation, please don’t feel the need to ask first.

The Japanese Ultima 3 well hasn’t quite run dry yet, but that’s the end of the week and I’ll stop here for now. I definitely need a break from scanning and am long overdue another playthrough on here, so next up (and assuming it will run), I’ll be having a go at Space Rogue for the FM Towns.

5 thoughts on “Ultima Manga 1 – The Terror Of Exodus

  1. Wow, Pix I’m jealous of your Japanese Ultima collection. I’m a huge Ultima fan and collector and I used to live in Japan so my Japanese is quite decent. I don’t have that LP nor that “Ultima – Crisis in Britannia” gamebook. It is on amazon.co.jp for 780 yen though. I will definitely have to pick it up. Do you have the “Fall of Magincia” manga? I’ve looked for that one for a while but haven’t found it on amazon.co.jp nor any online auction sites.

    • I’m equally jealous of your ability to read these. I don’t know about rarity as I just pick things up when I see them but none of this stuff was all that expensive actually. The LP cost more than anything else at about 1000 yen but I think I was the only bidder, so it is probably out there for less.

      I don’t have any of the other manga’s yet. There is a translated version of Fall Of Magincia being worked on if you click on the scanlation link in the post but it’s not finished yet.

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