Longbow 2 Demo

I can’t say I was particularly looking forward to it but I thought I’d finish my trip through Origin’s demos which means 2 modern flight sim games. I’ve said it many times on here but these aren’t my cup of tea, although I have to admit that Longbow 2 is a good-looking game for its era.


After some basic instructions, the demo dumps me straight into the middle of a tank battle with orders to seek and destroy enemy tanks and choppers. There are huge armies of both and the demo defaults to unlimited ammo and casual flight modes.


If you care to change these settings and fly properly there is actually a good deal of gameplay. Flying into enemy territory reveals banks of SAM sites and more choppers and tanks to take out. I of course stayed on the default settings indiscriminately firing hellfires and stingers left, right and center.


There didn’t appear to be a way to actually win the mission as far as I could tell. You just end it from the menu when you have had enough. There is still plenty here for the flight sim aficionado to get their teeth sunk into though, with a large area to fly around and masses of opposition. It’s a good showcase for the game but speaking for myself, I’d rather have been blowing up the Kilrathi.

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