Ultima Patcher 1.53

I’ve just uploaded a slightly tweaked version of the Ultima Patcher (a little utility for applying all/most of the various fan patches to GOG’s releases of the Ultima series). The changes are :-

  • Fixes patching Ultima 4 standalone version
  • Updates Dosbox/MUNT build used for MT-32 support

To go into more detail, it looks as though GOG have done a version 2 installer for Ultima 4 since version 1.52 which broke some of the patches by splitting the DOSBox config into two files. The version in the Ultima 4, 5 + 6 trilogy was unaffected since that was already using a version 2 installer at the time. It should now work correctly with both current versions.

I had a request for updated MT-32 support. This uses Taewoong Yoo‘s SVN DOSBox build which has MUNT compiled into it among other things. I’ve updated this to his latest build which is still a few months old but considerably more recent than the version I was using.

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