Ultima Patcher 1.63

This is a quick bugfix release – there was a problem with the Ultima 3 patch in 1.62 where it was installing an amalgam of the 3.1 and 3.2 patches resulting in the Exodus logo going missing (and probably other issues). This should fix it but I did have to reinstall Ultima 3 to get the new version of the patch to install correctly so you may need to do the same. The new patcher can be downloaded here

Ultima Patcher 1.62

I’ve updated the Ultima Patcher for the first time in nearly 3 years. This was prompted by Time Machine Dragon contacting me about his improved Ultima 4 music patch (http://sacredbacon.com/ultima/). This swaps the music for modified versions of Minstrel Dragons MIDI files which were in turn based on the mockingboard Apple II soundtrack. These have more voices than the default music included with the VGA patch and can now be swapped in and out directly from the patcher. Note that this will only work correctly with MPU-401 as the sound device.

I’ve included the latest version of the Ultima 3 upgrade (http://exodus.voyd.net/projects/ultima3/). This corrects the PC speaker sound effect speed.

Finally, I’ve added in the current directories that the games are installed to by default in the automatic search so you don’t always have to find the directory manually. GOG seem to insist on moving these directories around for reasons best known to them.

The new version can be download here. As ever, if there is anything else I should include or something that doesn’t work please let me know.

Ultima Patcher 1.61

I wasn’t expecting to do another release so soon but GOG recently split all their bundled games into individual downloads which broke MT-32 emulation support. Version 1.61 fixes this + will look for the games in the new default installation locations. It can be downloaded here.

This new version isn’t entirely backwards compatible so I’ve left 1.60 on the downloads page for anyone who wants it.

Ultima Patcher 1.60

I’ve done another small update to the Ultima Patcher and added in the Ultima 4 Party Fix to the Ultima 5 menu of the patcher. This is a small DOS utility used to fix errors when transferring your Ultima 4 party over to Ultima 5. If Ultima 5 reports data errors when transferring, click the “Run Transfer Fix” button on the Ultima 5 screen, select A when asked for a drive letter and your party should then import correctly. This shouldn’t be required in most cases as far as I know but this error does still occur for some people.

The new version can be downloaded here.

Ultima Patcher 1.56

This is another bugfix release to solve an issue when installing the Forgotten World patch for Ultima 9. All the previous versions would potentially set the movie file location in options.ini incorrectly and stop the movies playing. If this affects you and you don’t want to poke around in options.ini, then uninstalling and reinstalling Forgotten World (or vice versa) with this new version will fix it.

The new patcher can be downloaded from here.