Wing Commander 3 Funny Tape

I managed to make the time for a speedy look through my parcel of Origin goodies before Xmas. Let’s face it, it had to be done. Going through it all properly is going to take ages but suffice to say I’m happy with the contents and there are a few real gems in there.

Among everything else there were half a dozen VHS tapes. The snag with this is that I’ve not had a VHS player in a long, long time. You’d have to be fairly out of date to own one these days really, which is where the parents come in. Since I was conveniently over there for Xmas, I took the opportunity to transfer all the tapes over to DVD and as a late Xmas present to WingNuts, I’ve re-encoded one of them and stuck it on Youtube:-

As far as I know this hasn’t made it onto the web before, although much of it will be familiar to anyone who has seen the bloopers video from the WC3 Special Edition. That ran for less than 9 minutes so there is a lot more footage here. The quality isn’t exactly perfect – it is after all a 15 year old tape but it’s not too bad. I should possibly mention that there is some strong language for those offended by it.