PC Zone Issue 40 – July 1996


This weeks PC Zone is issue 40 from July 1996. These magazines are definitely getting smaller the further back I go and there aren’t all that many reviews in this one. It doesn’t make the cover but the big game has to be Duke 3D with a couple of helicopter sims covered as well including Apache Longbow. The scanned pdf can be downloaded from here

PC Zone Issue 43 (October 1996)


This weeks PC Zone is issue 43 from October 1996. This one covers some real classics including Quake, Syndicate Wars, The Pandora Directive and Daggerfall. It also has an article on retro gaming from an 1996 perspective which is kind of fun. It can be downloaded from here.

PC Zone Issue 45 (December 1996)


This weeks PC Zone scan is issue 45 from December 1997. It’s another bumper issue which is bad news for me since I have to scan all those pages. Since I’m working backwards, the biggest ever issue stamp on the front suggests it’s downhill from here anyway.

There is stacks of stuff in here including a very early look at Ultima 9, previews of Realms Of The Haunting, Leisure Suit Larry 7 + Interstate 76 and reviews of Tomb Raider, Robotron X + Toonstruck. The PDF can be found in the same place as ever.

PC Zone Issue 46 (January 1997)


This weeks PC Zone scan is issue 46. It’s lengthy enough clocking in at nearly 200 pages but doesn’t actually cover any games that interest me particularly. Presumably all the really big hitters made it out before Xmas. It’s another off the list anyway and can be downloaded here along with all the others that have been scanned so far.

The one scan a week schedule appears to be working out so far. I’m reasonably confident I’ll keep this up until I run out of issues which will be late in the year. I’m missing issue 48 so the usual call goes out if anyone has that one.