PC Zone Issue 33 – December 1995


I’m breaking into the 1995 issues now with #33 from December. There is loads of good stuff in here with a nice smattering of Origin in the form of a Wing Commander 4 blueprint, Cybermage preview and a Crusader No Remorse review. There are also reviews of Phantasmagoria, Destruction Derby and Worms among others. It can be downloaded from here.

PC Zone Issue 36 – March 1996


This weeks PC Zone scan is from March 1996. It was the last one missing from 1996 so it’s another year knocked off the list. The big reviews in this one all seem to be first sequels with Civilization 2, Warcraft 2 and Gabriel Knight 2. Origin gets a look in with a Longbow preview + keyboard overlay and there’s also an article on FMV games which are a not so guilty pleasure of mine. As ever, the pdf is available from here.

PC Zone Issue 37 – April 1996


This week’s PC Zone scan is the April 1996 edition featuring a review of the stomach churning Descent 2. This was definitely one of the best games on a VFX-1 provided you made sure not to eat first. It also covers Top Gun which I’m slightly intrigued by as it passed me by at the time but the joystick I use on my DOS PC is a Thrustmaster Top Gun and I’m wondering now if it was tied in to the game.

At any rate, this issue can be downloaded along with the others from here.

PC Zone Issue 39 – June 1996


This week’s PC Zone is issue 39 from June 1996. The main review is Euro 96 which isn’t a game I’m all that likely to return to these days. Far more interesting are the like of Zork Nemesis and Azrael’s Tear, the latter of which is a game I’ve been meaning to play for over 20 years now. I should probably have booted that one up instead of playing Winnie the Pooh really. There is also a review of Terra Nova and a keyboard inlay to use with the game. The pdf can be downloaded from here.

PC Zone Issue 40 – July 1996


This weeks PC Zone is issue 40 from July 1996. These magazines are definitely getting smaller the further back I go and there aren’t all that many reviews in this one. It doesn’t make the cover but the big game has to be Duke 3D with a couple of helicopter sims covered as well including Apache Longbow. The scanned pdf can be downloaded from here