PC Zone Issue 46 (January 1997)


This weeks PC Zone scan is issue 46. It’s lengthy enough clocking in at nearly 200 pages but doesn’t actually cover any games that interest me particularly. Presumably all the really big hitters made it out before Xmas. It’s another off the list anyway and can be downloaded here along with all the others that have been scanned so far.

The one scan a week schedule appears to be working out so far. I’m reasonably confident I’ll keep this up until I run out of issues which will be late in the year. I’m missing issue 48 so the usual call goes out if anyone has that one.

PC Zone Issue 49 + 52 (April + July 1997)


I’ll be busy next week so you get two issues of PC Zone this week from April and July 1997. I’m missing issue 51 so if you want to lend a hand filling the gap let me know. Highlights in these two issues include a pre Daikatana John Romero interview and reviews of X-Com 3, Theme Hospital, X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter and Wipeout 2097. As ever, all issues can be found here

PC Zone Issue 53 (August 1997)


I’m missing issue 54 (if you have it please let me know), so this weeks PC Zone scan is issue 53 from August 1997. This one has loads of good stuff including an interview with the head of Lucasarts, previews of Daikatana, StarCraft, Jedi Knight + Shadow Warrior and reviews of Dungeon Keeper and Blood among others.┬áThe pdf and CD image can be found here

PC Zone Scans

PC Zone - Issue 2

During most of the 90’s the only readily available source of information for many PC gamers like myself were video gaming magazines. The first of these to purely focus on PC games in the UK was PC Zone which started up in April 1993 and ran for about 250 issues until September 2010. The reviews were irreverent and laddish but largely reliable if you wanted a guide of what was worth spending your pennies on. The quality waned after a while but it was by far my favourite of the available magazines in the 90’s.

I’d seen numerous requests for PC Zone scans on the web since then but there was precious little available. I’ve made liberal use of other people’s old magazine scans and wanted to contribute in return so a year or two back I came up with the ambitious and unlikely aim of getting a complete set of scans and cover discs together up to the end of 2001. As so often with this sort of project my interest ultimately waned but with help I did get about half of them done. The site hosting all of these has gone down since then and I’d hate for them not to be available somewhere so I’ve dumped them onto my webserver for anyone who wants them. I may add more issues at a later date but if any reader wants to take up the baton in the meanwhile then any additions would be gratefully received.

X-Wing Series Reviews

I usually like to keep this site strictly on the topic of Origin but I was asked the other day about magazine scans relating to X-Wing and this sounded like a good excuse to search out some articles on one of my favourite games. I expect a lot of other Wing Commander fans will have fond memories of the X-Wing series as well so without further ado here is a review of X-Wing from the May 1993 PC Review:-

Image 0001 Image 0002

Image 0003 Image 0004

And another from the May 1993 PC Zone:-

Image 0005 Image 0006

Image 0007

Moving onto Tie Fighter, this is from the October 1994 PC Games magazine:-

Image 0008 Image 0009

Image 0016 Image 0017

And one last review from the September 1994 PC Format:-

Image 0010 Image 0011

Image 0012

While I’m off topic, I don’t imagine that many gamers can have missed the recent buzz about Kickstarter being used first by Tim Schafer to fund a new point and click adventure and then by Brian Fargo for Wasteland 2. Anyone who knows me at all wouldn’t need to be told that I’ve contributed to both of those. Further to this, it was announced on Tuesday that there will be a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new Tex Murphy game starting up in a couple of months. I’ve been waiting for that particular sequel for 14 years and the only question is how much money I’m willing to throw at it.

I’d like to give a quick mention to another much smaller Kickstarter gaming project. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective was a series of FMV based adventure games that started right at the dawn of the CD-ROM era long before games like 7th Guest actually persuaded us all to get the required hardware. The original developer wants to remaster these for modern PC’s and iOS/Android and is trying to raise some funds.

I can’t say I’ve ever actually played any of the original games but as one of the few fans of FMV and someone who has read their way through every Sherlock Holmes story I’ve been intrigued by them since seeing the original reviews. The project is after a fairly small amount of money and you get 9 cases (originally sold as 3 games) for an investment of $9 which looks like a good deal to me. I have a strong suspicion that it won’t get the required funding but if it sounds like your sort of thing head on over to Kickstarter and prove me wrong.