Deus Ex: Invisible War – Day 6

After getting passed a couple of guards I find the security chief in a half barricaded room hiding out from the Templars. I’ve got the mission to kill this guy and decide to follow through with it this time. Despite his biomods, this is no real difficulty as he only takes 3 sword swipes. I’ll collect the money for this later.

I’m getting near Nassif now and Lin-May wants me to kill her rather than let the WTO continue her work. I’ll have to see what Nassif has to say before I make my mind up.

Nassif is very talkative and tells me that I am a prototype based on JC Denton himself. Apostlecorp is allegedly run by Denton himself although this is little more than a rumour. They have developed the new biomods to level the worlds playing fields, put everyone on a level playing field and form a new form of government.

Tracer Tong heads up the group in Trier, Germany and Nassif wants me to fly out there and meet up with him. She tells me I would have learned all this once my training was complete. This sounds like the nearest thing to the right side to be on so far if I have to pick one (and I’m sure that sooner or later I will) but I’ll need more information.

She tells me to go to the coffee bar in Arcology to hire a pilot but I’ve got unfinished business here first. I go and claim my money for killing the security chief to start out with.

I run into Leo in the Medina while I’m looking for the Omar. He has a contract to protect them from an expected Templar raid and asks me to help out by eavesdropping on the recruiting post in Arcology to see if I can learn when it will be. He’s already grateful to me for wiping out some Templars earlier on.

I ask the Omar he is guarding about the plague cure. They tell me where to look in Arcology and even offer me the key to get in if I do some mercenary work in the same area and get them the schematics of some new armour that has been developed.

I head back for Arcology. I eavesdrop on the Templars who conveniently tell me exactly what I want to hear within a few seconds of crawling down the vent into my eavesdropping position. I then make my way towards the hangars. My pilot pops up on a communicator here and offers me another free ride if I want it. She still hasn’t been able to locate her passenger but seems to think I might be headed the right way.

The manager of the pop star NG is up here. I have the mission from much earlier to try to get NG to promote the coffee house in the Medina and a quick bribe does the job here.

I head for the air terminals next to find this armour schematic. I give the password to the clerk on the desk and she lets me straight in as promised by the Omar. This place is seriously guarded with the biggest robot I’ve seen in the game. It’s a bit tricky to get them to land where I want but after a few attempts I disable it with EMP grenades. The two or three Templars in here are much less of a problem.

Using a code from a communicator message nearby I open up a crate and locate the plans the Omar want. They then transmit me the key for the other hangar.

I soon find the plague cure and it sounds like it’s ready to go. Lin-May wants me to transmit the cure through the Arcology bot system which doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all. I also have the mission to confront the governor who has been withholding it.

The governor denies all knowledge at first. He then offers me money and when I refuse that an explanation of sorts claiming that it hasn’t been proved safe. I also had the option of killing him off if I had wanted. Given the weak nature of his explanation I wish I’d just taken the money in hindsight.

The pop star called NG Resonance appears to act as a booth where you can inform on people in the world of IW. It’s a strange idea and she has to be an AI but I do my duty informing about her manager taking bribes and the situation in the academy receiving a bit of money for my trouble.

The booth is in the Arcology coffee shop and I find Sid Black, the other pilot from much earlier in the game. He apparently flew Leo over here. This is basically just a chance to swap pilots if I want to but I’m sticking with the free option + I’m curious about my helicopter pilot and want to know who or what she is and just who this passenger she is looking for is.

I head to the nano-bot area next to manufacture the cure. I’ve picked up a key in my travels and I’ve got a well developed hacking skill by now so this mission is just a case of walking through the door and hacking the terminal.

I’ve still got a few loose ends to tie up before flying off. I go and collect my reward from the coffee house owner. It’s a choice of weapon mods which isn’t all that appealing in all honesty. I found out after bribing the manager that I could have done the same job for the other coffee house owner but it was too late to go back and change my mind.

I give Leo the information he wanted and get a further mission to check up on him later and see how he got on. I walk out of the area and back and he appears to have coped well judging by the Templar bodies. He gives me 400 credits for my trouble.

I’ve run out of missions by this point so I go to meet my pilot and we fly off to Germany.

I arrive in Germany to what looks very much like an MJ-12 symbol. My pilot suggests a starting point for my attempts to find Tracer Tong but I leave it here for now.

This has been the best session in this game so far with loads of missions to keep me busy and not too much loading. The story is warming up although it has to be said that the main plot thread could be summed up in a couple of sentences with most of my time being taken up in side quests. The game is clearly building to a large number of endings when I’ll finally get to commit to one side or another. In a game this short you could say that the story is just introducing you enough to the world and it’s factions so you can make that decision.

It’s still an interesting enough world to explore although the newer the games get, the less I enjoy writing about them. This game is probably as modern as I’ll ever get in this blog anyway, at least until something new comes out from the likes of Warren Spector. I feel the urge to play something a lot older when I get done with Invisible War and I might be breaking out the Apple II emulator again.

Deus Ex: Invisible War – Day 5

My helicopter pilot can’t land where she expects due to the airport no longer being there. It appears that she hasn’t heard of the collapse which seems very suspicious. I suspect I may be dealing with some sort of AI but as long as she flies me around I have no complaints.

I make my way out of the helipad area and emerge into the Medina which appears to be a small marketplace. Cairo is very much like Seattle with your haves and have-nots split into 2 sections although here this is taken to even more extremes. A nano-plague is sweeping the area as a result of fallout from the collapse and everyone out here is wearing re-breathers. The rich live in an area called Arcology where the air is all filtered.

The owner of the bar in the Medina wants me to find some information for him. This is the sort of mission I’ll carry out if I find the person he wanted me to but I won’t go out of my way. Lin-May contacts me and is prepared to forgive me if I go straight to see Billie who is in the Order’s temple here in Cairo. Since I don’t know where I’m going I just keep exploring.

The first place I find is Nassif’s greenhouse. The WTO want me to go here and destroy Nassif’s work one way or another. The place is quite well guarded with automated systems and I have to sneak and dodge my way past various turrets and the like before making my way into the greenhouse itself.

Once here I take the direct approach and torch all the plants. The WTO now want me to look for evidence of where Nassif is.

Lin-May is not happy about the mission I’ve just done and sends a load of New Order soldiers at me, who I’ll meet as soon as I leave this area.

Finding evidence about Nassif’s location isn’t easy as all the security systems are on to me now. It turns out that I need to climb a ladder to reach an office near the hydroponics area. A message here puts me onto Nassif’s uncle who lives nearby and the WTO ask me to pay him a visit.

I head for the Order’s temple next. Lin-May sends the goons my way and I have to take them all out but she then forgives me and I can work for the Order again. This is a little hard to believe – clearly the game is going to continually stay on the one track until right at the very end. Whether my decisions have a long term impact or it will just be a case of pick which ending you want I don’t know but I expect the latter.

The order’s temple has a medical area caring for plague victims. The fact that the order is doing this says something about the likes of the WTO but there clearly isn’t a right side to be on in this game.

I meet up with Billie in the middle of the mosque. She has been put in charge of handling the epidemic but appears to be completely unsympathetic and doesn’t want the job. As soon as I warm to the order I’m put off them again then. Instead of taking the task on, she farms it off onto me and wants me to investigate rumours of the WTO having the technology to clear the plague up and not using it. If these rumours turn out to be true I’m not exactly going to be on the side of the WTO either and will be looking for a third option if it presents itself.

While I’m here Billie introduces me to Luminon Samin who heads up the Order in Germany. He appears to be on the verge of founding a splinter sanction of the Order (or attempting to take over) as he has differing views to it’s current leadership. He wants the Order to take a stricter approach to it’s guidelines. I’m sure I’ll be seeing more of this later.

Next I go looking for Nassif’s uncle. I know he is on the second floor of the local apartments. There is only one home here which makes it easy for me to figure out where to go but it turns out to be the headmasters office from the local Tarsus academy in the arcology section. More interesting still is that the headmaster appears to be in league with the Templars and I also find a key to a secret area off his office. I realise at this point that the American thing of 2nd floor actually meaning 1st floor is why I’m in the wrong place (they don’t have a ground floor apparently) so I head downstairs and try again.

I find Nassif’s uncle without problems but he isn’t very helpful. A less heavy handed approach in the greenhouse may have helped here. I do find out that Nassif has escaped somewhere but have to search his house for more clues.

I also learn that this mans daughter has gone missing in the Tarsus academy. The Tarsus academy here apparently has much younger students and the WTO want me to go there and see if I can learn anything about Nassif there. Maybe Nassif’s uncle will help me if I find his daughter also. I take his parents pass to get me into the academy and start to make my way over there.

A man outside wants me to go and kill the security chief in Arcology and even gives me a pass to get in when I agree to do it. Whether or not I carry out the mission is another matter but it means I won’t have to buy a pass in the Medina.

I use my new pass to get into Arcology and it really is another world in here. It’s a slick and modern building with a great view of the city and definitely no plague.

There is a Knight’s Templar recruiting post in here and they try to get me to join. I learn that they are wiping out anyone with biomods and they are not exactly fans of the Tarsus academy here for that reason. I’m given the choices of calling people with biomods scum and playing along or revealing myself in the conversation here. Not exactly offering me the middle ground. I can’t see any reason to make trouble at this stage so with those two options, I play along and they tell me they will be watching me and will contact me at some point in the future.

I head into the academy. The receptionist just assumes I’m a disgruntled parent and allows me to walk in. I learn that two of the children have gone missing, I expect I’ll have to find out what happened to them.

The academy is fairly small. I talk to some of the students who all have their own theories about the two missing students but no one actually knows anything.

One room has been sealed off and is under guard. Some greasels that were used for experiments have broken out and the specialist who is supposed to deal with it hasn’t shown up. I am of course offered the job if I want it and since I’m told there are biomods in there I don’t turn this down. There are only two greasels so it’s a quick and easy job. I have to pick the locks of some cabinets to get the goodies but it’s worth the effort.

There is a vent in this office and I know better than to pass up the chance to crawl through a vent in this game. I follow it through and discover the two missing children. They tell me that they have discovered a secret room off the headmasters office and that there is a note in there talking about terminating some of the students. They are hiding out until something is done about the situation and point me in the direction of the secret room through the vents.

I make my way through to this room through a load of steam and bots and it’s worse than I thought. The Templars have taken over the entire school and really are planning to kill some (if not all) of the students according to the note I find.

I head up the passage to the headmasters office and confront him. He says I won’t be able to prove anything and again I have no middle ground option and either do nothing or call him a monster and attack him. I choose the last option although it’s not entirely clear that this means I’ll have to kill all security in the building at the time I choose it.

From here I make my way back out of the academy and attempt to complete some of my other missions in Arcology on the other levels. The WTO now want me to look into a secret Apostlecorp facility that the Templars discovered around here + I have the assassination mission from earlier if I want it. I do a bit more vent crawling and find myself in the security office. I inform on the school here and they agree to investigate and pay me for the information. I’ve already solved the problem in a brutal fashion but I don’t mention that.

I manage to find the Apostlecorp facility and it is extremely well guarded. I do have a little help in the form of Klara Sparks who is along here also to make sure that Nassif makes it out alive for questioning.

She talks about staying back to guard the door but then heads in all guns blazing anyway. I hang back and let her do all the work but she doesn’t actually manage to kill anyone and its up to me to dive in kamikaze style and slice everyone down with my sword.

I’ve managed to get further in this session than any of my previous ones at least but the combat can still be extremely annoying. Ammo is incredibly scarce and I can go through it in no time taking out security cameras and turrets. This leaves me forced to use the sword wherever possible and I have maxed out my strength biomod now which is helping but I can still die very quickly and the reloads are not getting any faster.

According to my savegame timer, I’ve only spent just over 3 hours on IW so far. I would estimate that my actual gameplay time would be more like 7 hours which gives an idea just how much time I’m spending waiting for the thing to load. All the waiting is stopping me from getting into the game at all. As soon as I start to enjoy it, I enter a combat heavy area and spend ages reloading. If it was twice as bad as this on a 2003 machine I just wouldn’t have the patience to have got to this point. I’m probably only sticking with this now for the sake of finishing it off on the blog as the truth is I’d rather be playing some of the games I got in the Steam sale. It’s such a shame as the game itself has been pretty good so far. The combat has gotten easier since I maxed out my strength biomod anyway – it’s just turrets that I have problems with so I’m hopeful it won’t be as big a problem from here on.

Deus Ex: Invisible War – Day 4

I crawl through the vent and emerge in the Groundskeepers office. He doesn’t object to me crawling through the vent and assumes I’m a reporter or something. He even offers to sell me a code to the door but if I know anything from playing this game so far it’s that there is always a free alternative so I don’t take him up on it.

Sure enough I can crawl up onto the roof and make my way in through the obligatory vent. I have to take out a lot of guards before I can get this far . There is a medical bot near the groundskeeper which helps.

Finding the mag-rail designer doesn’t take long. There are security system and guards to worry about on the way there. I stick my head out of a door and wait for them to rush through it so I can chop them down with my sword. I’ve been building up my strength biomod which is making the sword a much more viable weapon.

I have a choice of mission here depending on whether I just want to get the weapon’s schematics for the WTO or to kill the scientist. I can’t say I like the orders mission much so I go for the WTO’s orders. Dr Patton is not entirely happy about who his weapon will be used by and actually helps me out by opening the container and letting me just walk out with the mag-rail.

The Order aren’t entirely happy about me not following orders although they do appear to keep communicating with me so they may not have abandoned me yet. My next mission is to try to find out where Dr. Nassif is by heading to the biolab.

In the group directors office I find a message from Nassif. Apostlecorp look to have a base over in Cairo and she is over there. I need to get back to my helicopter now and see if my pilot fancies a trip to Egypt.

I find a captive grey on my way out. I decide to open it’s cage and it thanks me and sets on the scientists that are still around but doesn’t do anything else useful. I’m thinking this would have been a nice way of taking out the security that I had to deal with myself earlier.

I get to my helicopter and it’s off to Egypt.

This was another fairly short session but not as short as it would appear from this entry here which has to be one of the briefest I’ve ever posted. The loading times really are getting on my nerves in this game now. You can die very quickly and in a combat heavy area like the mako factory it can make progress extremely slow. I’ve no other major complaints about the game but this on it’s own could be enough to make me dislike it. I’m hoping now that I’m in Egpyt it will be less about combat and more about exploring.

Deus Ex: Invisible War – Day 3

One of the bums hanging around outside the Inclinator is a mine of information. She says that the WTO have taken over the facility and no one can get passes out of Lower Seattle any more. She also points out the Greasel Pit nearby where I could hire a pilot if I want but I’m heading to check out the Order first.

The Orders church is just down the street. I also pass the coffee shop I was asked to set on fire a while back but I’ll ignore this mission. Billie pops up on a communicator when I get to the church and says that the Order will still accept me despite me carrying out a mission for the WTO.

The order hang out in what looks like a monastery. Having decided to pick this side early on, I could change my mind as I don’t think much of organised religion which is what this comes across as. The cause may be a good one but I don’t like dogma in any form. It’s not too late to change my mind yet anyway but I head on in to see what the leader here has to say.

She talks about how the new biomods which can be used on anyone, could be used to standardise the race and effectively turn us into machines. She wants me to help to defeat my creators and sends me into the side room to talk to her High Augur for more details.

The High Augur Lin-May wants me to find her Captain who has turned traitor and is pinned down in the Inclinator negotiating with the authorities for release. This is presumably the same captain who disobeyed orders and took Tarsus apart at the start of the game. This all lends their story about the casualties not being intentional some credibility and I’d assumed till now it was a lie.

I head for the Inclinator and fight my way to where the Captain is having a discussion about his defection. It turns out he and others are being bought out by the Templars who are recruiting an army of mercenaries for their own purposes.

Lin May gives me a bit more info and everything seems to be drawing towards this Mako weapons factory which the WTO already wanted me to go out and have a look at. She wants me to assassinate the lead scientist there who is developing bio-mods like my own and also to destroy the plans for the new Mag-Rail weapon.

Next stop the Mako factory then. I head for the Greasel Pit to find a pilot. This place really is a pit and not it says something about Lower Seattle that anyone would come here. Aside from drinking, you can bet on Greasel fights if you want but I give this a miss for now.

I quickly find a pilot but I’d need to retrieve his jet which has been impounded. He would also charge me 500 a flight still.

In a nearby room, another pilot is being held by the WTO in the air terminal. She would fly me for free if I can rescue her. The choice seems pretty clear cut so I take the long walk to the terminal.

The long load times are starting to bug me a bit by now. Walking over to the terminal should take no time but with 20 seconds loading every time I change location it isn’t all that quick. When I get there I run into Klara who has got a job with the WTO and seems glad to be shut of Tarsus.

Rescuing the pilot means disabling two missile batteries and then activating the pilot beacon. The place is crawling with bots and guards and I don’t have much ammo which makes this all a bit tricky but I sneak and chop my way through to the first missile battery and take it out with a grenade. I’m guessing the WTO won’t like me much after all this.

The other missile battery is a couple of seconds walk away. I destroy it in the same manner, then head up to the control tower, activate the beacon and then make a run for the chopper.

The pilot is true to her word and agrees to fly me around for now but she won’t take risks or provide air cover. It’s possible that I may have received a bit more help if I’d gone for the other pilot then but I’m sure this will be ok.

She drops me off near the Mako factory and I spy a likely looking duct to crawl down.

Thats all I had time for yesterday. I’ll attempt to get a longer session in today as I’ve barely spent any time on this game for the 3 days of blogging. Some major news for retro gamers today is that Activision have signed up with GOG starting with a first day release of Arkanum (which I’ve never played but will be doing soon) and Gabriel Knight (which I have played and rate as one of the best adventure game series ever). It’s not just the games that they will be bringing with them that makes this significant for me, but the fact that a company that large would sign up for a DRM free distribution system. Let’s hope it makes Activision a load of money and that EA are paying attention.

Deus Ex: Invisible War – Day 2

Before I start out, there are a few things I forgot to mention yesterday. First off getting the game to run in widescreen. I was pretty surprised in a game this recent and with subsequent patches that it didn’t have this built in but it is possible to get it running manually by editing two text files and then hex-editing a further file. The process is described on the widescreen gaming forum and seems to work very well from what I’ve seen. The movies are stretched out of size as the black bars are encoded into the video. It would be possible to re-encode them but more hassle than it’s worth. It seems to work near flawlessly in the game itself although I have noticed a few cutscenes where I seem to be zoomed in on torsos and peoples heads are cut off.

Secondly, the loading times. Every time I load a save game or move between levels the game drops to the desktop for a few seconds before slowly loading the level (taking maybe another 10-15 seconds). The PC I’m using is way above standard specs even for 2010 with a 3 drive striped RAID array so I really don’t expect load times like this for a 2003 game. If I get into a situation where I need to frequently reload this could be a real problem. God knows what it was like on your average 2003 PC.

Thirdly, after going through the grief of moving my blog and all the images when I changed ISP, I’ve just migrated back to my old ISP this morning. I won’t go into names or details as its not relevant here but lets just say that I wasn’t exactly impressed with the service I received from my new ISP despite them supposedly being the highest rated in the UK. I’ll definitely leave the blog here now it’s moved so the address won’t change again but I probably ought to cancel my webspace with Freeola and move the images & all my webspace back to IDNet’s server. The quickest way to update the links will be to export the blog, do a search and replace on it, delete all the posts here then re-import it. Don’t be surprised if all the posts and images vanish again for up to a day this week while that is going on.

Onto last nights play then. I only managed about another hour but made some progress. I start out trying to get into this penthouse apartment. I find my way onto the roof of the building and since it is guarded by a large robot this looks like a promising spot. I’ve got an EMP grenade which takes it down and I jump through a vent in the roof into the apartment below.

The apartment I find myself in turns out to belong to a lawyer. I knock out the bodyguards and have a search around in here. I don’t find too much but he does have a vault which I hack into and steal the weapons inside + get a look at this interesting note. This completes a side mission which I haven’t actually been set yet but will find out about later.

I still need to get into the penthouse then. Back in the corridors outside I talk to a janitor who offers to sell me the key to the penthouse door for 300 credits. I’ve got the money so I take him up on this.

The penthouse initially looks well secured with laser beams everywhere. I don’t have the skill to hack the security console but it turns out I can just jump over all these beams. I’m surprisingly bouncy and get some serious height when jumping, presumably due to biomods. I also have to sneak past a camera. Something I do like here is that I can hear the camera’s motors and when it reaches the end of a sweep and changes direction. It’s a small detail but vital when you are hiding out of sight round the corner and it’s little details like this that make sneaking worth the effort.

Through here is the vault I was looking for. I discover a shipping receipt mentioning a new weapon called the Mag Rail which is being developed for the Templars. This is what the Order were looking for and completes this mission.

Also in here are a load of glass cabinets. One contains an energy sword which was one of my favourite weapons in Deus Ex but doesn’t appear to work as well here. There is also a weapon mod which I use to give an EMP effect to my pistol. This means it will use ammo up quicker but it should be more useful in dealing with bots.

The Order want me to head to Lower Seattle to meet up with them next. To get there I have to pass through the Inclinator facility which is where I go next but there has been a radiation leak that needs fixing. I offer my services as a contractor. There are a host of ways to go about this mission but I choose to go for the nearest air vent. I have to take out a spider bot first but then its just a short walk to a switch to flush the system. I report this to the Inclinator boss and get paid for my trouble.

There was a nightclub outside that I couldn’t get into before since I didn’t have the money. I decide to have a look around there before I go any further. The club is a bit sparsely populated but it’s more convincing than the bar in Deus Ex with some half decent background music.

I bump into the culture minister who appears to be into men in a big way. He offers to give me the key to his apartment so I can meet him there after I run an errand asking out another bloke on his behalf but since I’ve already broken in I turn him down. I do like the fact that there is another very different alternative to the one I used earlier even if I discovered it too late for it to help me out.

I have a good explore around and by climbing a wall near the dance floor I break into another vent system and into a restricted area. Strictly speaking I probably shouldn’t be here as I have to knock out a couple of guards but I inadvertently complete another mission I haven’t received yet when I find evidence of tax evasion by the clubs owner. The Order want me to tell the WTO and receive a reward for grassing up on him.

There is more of the club to explore first and after taking out another guard I meet someone or something that is apparently called an Omar. He is operating the local black market and among other things he has a black market biomod he will sell me. I’ll get better prices off him if I take the trouble to carry out a favour for him first. He wants me to go to the clubs basement and get a tissue sample from a mutant body that is being held there.

I found a key to the clubs basement when I uncovered the tax evasion. I just need to find the door. On the way, I run into the clubs owner who wants me to kill a lawyer for him who lives in Emerald Heights. I’ve already been in there and taken out everyone I saw although I used non lethal force at the time and that can’t have been enough to complete this mission.

I find the body in a tank in the basement without much incident. It is a grey left over from Versalife. In return for the info, I get a free black market biomod plus reduced prices which I use to buy another of these biomods.

I discover now what the red biomods are about. They are unofficial options only purchasable/upgradeable with unofficial mod cannisters. There is a leg mod that has the option to heal from dead bodies. This sounds interesting so I decide to give it a go. In hindsight, it’s a bit too similar to my regeneration skill so it was a bad choice.

I find a nearby body and give it a go and a big red blob emerges and sucks up the body whilst regenerating my health. This thing chews up energy pretty quickly. If I upgrade it enough, it also works on live bodies and would become an offensive weapon.

I have to use the Metro station to get to the WTO base. I’m not sure I take the route I should do but I end up breaking into the ticket office and disabling the barrier that stops me taking the train. I think the ticket clerk was being held captive by some thugs but I may just have taken out the legitimate security for all I know. It gets me a free train ride anyway.

I talk to the WTO leader Donna Morgan over the communications system in her office. She wants to know about the attack on Tarsus but I don’t have a whole lot to tell her. The WTO motives appear seriously corrupt and she is surprisingly honest about it as she tells me about wanting to control the biomod corporations and restrict who can get what mods.

She gives me another mission to check out a lab that has been illegally doing weapons research. I’m going to need to charter a pilot to fly me out there and I can meet up and pick pilots (at varying prices) down in the local bar.

While I’m here, I inform the civic manager about the club owner and get a bit of cash for my trouble.

I head back to the Inclinator now, to attempt to meet up with the Order once again before I start chartering planes. I discover a very useful recharge bot behind a locked door here. I’ll probably be back here quite a bit for recharges now given the chance.

The inclinator appears to be a huge freight train which transports me to Lower Seattle. I don’t get to see it move but flicking the switch transports me instantly. Lower Seattle isn’t in the best of condition by the looks of things but I leave exploring it for my next session.

I was expecting the plot to branch but it appears that I can play all sides for the moment in this game. I’m been given missions all over the place and each location is so thick with plot and goals that I’m completing missions I haven’t even been given yet. The multiple options for each mission are a bit more advanced than anything I saw in Deus Ex. They do feel hard to believe at times with vents everywhere but overall I’m impressed with the level design and really enjoying IW.